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Now that we’ve discussed the factors to keep in mind when choosing your bouquet, let us take a look at some suggestions for bouquet shapes for common wedding dress silhouettes. Remember that these are only suggestions. You may be able to find many more options, but this will give you a starting point. I hope you get the idea!


The characteristic feature of this silhouette is its simple and slim style that simply drapes around the natural curves of the bride. The design resembles a column, with little to no extra added volume. It has a modern look and is best complemented with few flowers with sophisticated looks and clean lines.


Another non-fussy silhouette, the A-line is a universally flattering gown style. The amount of detail on this style should be your guide to choosing the right bouquet.

If the dress features ornate embellishments in the bodice, a simple bouquet with intense and dark colours should look good with it. If the dress is simple and has few embellishments, it is a good idea to dress it up with an intricately designed bouquet. Multicoloured flowers of different shapes and sizes can add textural dimension to the overall look.


The mermaid dress is sexy and fits snugly around the natural curves of the bride wearing it. The silhouette is modern and stylish. So, this should be reflected in the bouquet choice as well.


Cascade bouquets, hand-tied ones and those embellished with modern, bold accessories would make good combinations with a mermaid gown. It is also a good idea to keep the size small and colours bright for maximum impact. Flowers like orchids would contribute to a sophisticated look with this silhouette.


Ball gowns feature full, voluminous skirts with a very dressed-up look. Since these dresses add more volume to the natural figure, it is suggested to balance the look with an interesting but not overwhelming bouquet choice. Again, the embellishments on the gown can be used as a guide to choosing the bouquet design.


Round bouquets, pomanders and flowers in baskets or cascade bouquets with volume at the top would look appropriate with this style of dress. A small bouquet would be drowned in the poufy skirt. So, this should be avoided.

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